10 Ways To Eat Zucchinis

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Healthy eating does not have to mean spending a fortune each week on lots of different fruit and vegetables. Whilst that is great if you can, for many it is just not practical.
This is why knowing how to maximise a food’s versatility is the key to having different ways to incorporate it into your diet without getting bored!
Zucchini is a staple in my pantry for many reasons…they are a good source of vitamin C, A, fibre and B6, as well as being gut (FODMAP) friendly! Best of all though, their nutritional goodness all comes in a delicious package that is super versatile and budget friendly.

Yes, you heard right, zucchini in smoothies! You can amp up your smoothie’s nutrition by adding 1/2 – 1 frozen zucchini (tip – slice before freezing!) I promise, you won’t even taste it with all your other ingredients but your body will definitely get all the value!

Quick, easy and delicious zucchini fritters are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

A lower carb, nutrition dense pasta alternative, zucchini noodles (aka zoodles) can be made into a super quick go-to meal, adding different proteins, sauce options (pesto is always a winner!), nuts, seeds and fresh herbs.

Zucchini bread is one of my favourite breads and something you can make a batch of to use for different delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options all week long!

Slice with tomatoes, sprinkle dried herbs such as thyme, rosemary, oregano and roast. Great served with white fish for a delicious 15 minute meal!

Slice or cut into sticks, coat in oil and almond meal, parmesan or nutritional yeast flakes before baking into crispy (maybe cheeeesy) chippies!

Scoop out the middle and bake in the oven, stuffing/topping with risotto, bolognese (meat or lentil), chilli con carne, quinoa salad, curry, stews….get creative!

Add grated zucchini into burger patties to create more flavour and nutrition dense meals.

Perfect for BBQ or grills. Alternate with other veggies such as red capsicum and onion on skewers. Maybe add some prawns or calamari, yum!

Add to a pan with other veggies of choice to make a quick and easy stir fry – I do more of a steam fry, using a bit of oil to coat the pan base then adding splashes of water to steam the vegetables – popping a lid on will speed this cooking process up! Top with your choice of protein and hey presto another 15 minute meal, whoop whoop!


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