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At Movelife we take the time to understand your needs and tailor our services and programs to best support your goals.

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Our mission at Movelife is to equip individuals and groups with the tools to develop a practice and the self-mastery to achieve their ultimate wellbeing in all aspects of their life.

We know that organisations who are prioritising their employees wellbeing are ahead of the curve when it comes to employee retention, engagement, productivity and job happiness.

We have designed and delivered executive and personal lifestyle coaching, presentations, workshops, signature Movelife team wellness programs, community events and onsite wellness centre management, with a special focus on our 5 proven wellness principles for over 20 years. 

Help your employees MAKE THEIR MOVE towards outstanding Health, Wellbeing and Performance in all aspects of their work and life.




“The content team had the pleasure of undertaking The Empowerment Project, as part of our wellness month. The idea was to come together for both team building and wellbeing in the workplace, and this program seemed to fit the bill.

Marian and Jason worked amazingly as a unit to make us feel special, to provide great insight, and to teach us how to develop more balance in our lives. We explored mindfulness, meditation, movement, nutrition and creativity. So it is quite a holistic program that allows individuals to understand more about how they can tap into their own potential to be more energetic and be productive.

 Highlights were the fun exercise session with Marian, which combined yoga, barre class and dance. Plus, the week we all got to prepare and feast on smoothies and other healthy treats. Thanks so much! ”

Marissa Branscombe<br /> - Senior manager, Content Marketing AMP<br />

“You can thank yourself then as well for contributing to our team THRIVING!” The Wellness Program/Time Out Thursdays has just been a phenomenal and very effective addition to our team’s work life!

Tamara Cochrane - PA to Oliver Stiles - Head of Finance Real Estate, AMP Capital

“Thank you so much to MoveLife for providing another great year of activities for HPE’s children. Speaking to the kids and their parents, Movelife have outdone themselves in organising this event; their hard work, persistence and determination to make this year even better, was seen yesterday in how well the day ran and the amount of fun everyone had. Exceptional work!!!

Taala Orhan - Project Manager, Junior Account Support Manager HPE Integration & Deployment Services

It was truly wonderful having you with us yesterday.

It really did transfer the quality of the day to have your experience and energy.

We will be doing it again and I think in the same format with some minor tweaks to make it even better. 

Dr Hari Nandakoban Network Director of Physician Training – Liverpool Network Renal Staff Specialist, Liverpool and Campbelltown Hospitals

“For the past 3 years, with their passion and genuine motivation to see people excel, the Movelife team has been instrumental in getting AMP staff involved, engaged and inspired with our charity event to raise $140,000 for cancer prevention.

Partnership means sharing purpose and caring for each others success. Movelife is a key partner for OUTRUN CANCER. The energetic team can get people inspired, engaged and confident to get out of their comfort zones and bring out the nest they have.”

Loca Turrini - Founder & Director, OUTRUN CANCER

“You were the glue for us and a real team player. You showed that you were pro active and always had ours and the best interests of the Dragons players at heart. You were an asset to the team and as a collective group, Bowks, Benny and myself really appreciated your support and all you did for us.

Richie Gibson - Professional Author, Mentor & Trainer

I have personally found the commitment to an online class very motivating and like any other meeting, I want to commit to the time, turn up and put in a good effort. I have really noticed my body getting stronger and that I’ve been able to stay super positive over the last few months, regardless of the other challenges that have come my way. If it weren’t for this routine, I would just work all day and not be as fit or productive, especially in the afternoons. It’s a great re-set. I also get a sense of community with the people that turn up to the classes.
I had no idea I could be challenged like that in an online environment.

Stuart Heath

Financial Planning Partnership Manager